Glass Fusing Workshop

'Glass fusing' is defined as the heat bonding of separate pieces of glass in a kiln. You can create shapes and colors you like with glass sheets which you can cut with glass cutter and mosaic cutter. The glass pieces are then fired in a kiln for two hours and taken out after cooling for a day. We can assemble it as chokers, straps, earrings, rings, brooches, or hairpins.
As we use glass cutters and mosaic cutters, this workshop is not available for preschool children.
As it needs to be cooled for a day and it will be assembled with metal parts the next day, you can pick the finished piece after two days. If it is difficult to come back to our shop, we can ship the finished piece for you (extra shipping fee apply).

* It is by appointment until the day before. Please contact us for more of the day you wish.

Contact Please reserve by phone.
Ishigaki: +81-980-87-5967
Mihama: +81-098-988-7307
Price 1 item ¥2,000 +tax
Time 30 to 60 minutes for making
Assemble as Choker, Strap, Earring, Ring, Brooch, Hairpin
Pick up 2 days later

Process of Glass Fusing Workshop