Bracelet Workshop

You can come by and make an original bracelet in no time! Some people finish making them in 15 minutes.
It's hard to find a bracelet that is exact your size, so why not make one on your own? You'll want to wear it everyday as it is just the right size for you and is only one in the world!
The price is determined by the price of the beads you choose. (The nylon cord is free.) You can choose your favorite beads from our wide selection and customize the bracelet on your own.
You can buy beads alone, without joining the workshop.

Contact Please reserve by phone.
Ishigaki: +81-980-87-5967
Mihama: +81-098-988-7307
Price The price depends on the type and numbers of the beads.
The price is from ¥10 to ¥300 (+Tax). (* 20 to 25 beads are needed for adult women.)
Time 15 to 60 minutes for making

Process of Bracelet Workshop